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Study by the British Medical Journal testing the therapeutic value

of the Alexander Technique for 579 subjects with back pain validates

lasting effect in reduction of
back pain with 6 - 24 lessons.
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      Idelle Packer, MS, PT uses physical therapy skills, the Alexander Technique, and Lymphedema expertise in her work. The goals: to look better and feel better; to recover from injury/illness; to reach movement potential and comfort in all activities. As you increase knowledge about the body and apply this knowledge to home exercise and daily activities, your new way of thinking and moving progresses to effective independent self-management.

      The Alexander Technique is a highly sophisticated, proven method to teach conscious control of muscular tension, movement and postural coordination, and manage pain for people experiencing headaches to back pain, with conditions as varied as Multiple Sclerosis to Parkinson's Disease to Fibromyalgia to Dystonia to Spinal Stenois. A complement to physical therapy manual techniques and modalities, the Alexander Technique enriches posture, movement, and neuromuscular re-education, essential educational components in physical therapy.

      The Alexander Technique empowers and enables people to make knowledgeable, positive, lasting changes in their personal movement patterns. Wellness programs of Alexander lessons offer application to performance of daily activities, computer and desk work, Yoga, Tai Chi, fitness, horse riding, dance, voice and instrumental music. The Alexander Technique has been embraced by music, dance, drama and opera conservatories around the world because the body wisdom of the Alexander Technique prevents repetitive stress injury and enhances expression and performance.

      The Lymphedema Program at Body Sense is a comprehensive approach called Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy. Whether breast-cancer related upper extremity lymphedema or lower extremity lymphedema due to venous or lymphatic insufficiency following surgery or radiation therapy, patients benefit from a program based on their medical history and assessment that fits their condition, ability, and life style. The Lymphedema Program includes lymphatic massage (Manual Lymph Drainage) and instruction in effective lifelong self-management skills designed to reduce edema and tenderness, increase joint movement, and maintain gains.

Gain skills and knowledge to reach your potential for movement and comfort!

Idelle Packer, certified teacher of the Alexander Technique for over 30 years and licensed physical therapist was proud to receive the Marcia Ebert Clinical Excellence Award from Columbia University. She completed the advanced certification in the treatment and management of breast cancer-related lymphedema with Linda T. Miller, PT, and a third course in Lymphedema Management of the Upper and Lower Extremities with Elizabeth Augustine, MS, PT.

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"Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life."
F.M. Alexander from The Essential Writings of F. Matthias Alexander: The Alexander Technique
(Carol Publishing Group, 1990) edited by Edward Maisel